Children's Education Center at DCHS

The entire second floor of Delaware County Historical Society (DCHS) is devoted to a Children’s Education Center. The Education Center provides an interactive, hands-on museum experience, where children can explore the relics and artifacts of Delaware County history. From a historic one-room school house, with desks and school supplies, where children can sit at the desks and write on the chalkboard, to kitchen gadgets of all kinds, to a full array of telephones representing their complete technological evolution (one of children’s favorites to play with). 


DCHS also features a replica child's room with period furniture, along with an adult bedroom and parlor room. DCHS offers school group tours that are hands-on and offer a wide array of subjects for students from learning about the historical significance of their community, Delaware County, to how youth of the past lived, did chores, played and were educated. 


Older students can learn about genealogy and explore their family tress in the research library on the first floor. 


Schools and other groups interested are encouraged to schedule a visit by contacting Laurie Grant, DCHS, Executive Director, at or by calling 610-359-0832. 

Delaware County Historical Society’s Children's Education Center is open to visitors Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-4pm, Thursday 10am-6:30pm, and the 2nd Saturday of each month. 


Explore the rich history and cultural legacy of Delaware County!