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#BagItChester program launch to eliminate plastic bags

#BagItChester is a new Healthy Chester program! DCHS is proud to partner with ChesterMade on this important health movement to eliminate single-use plastic bags.

On Friday, November 15th, the #BagItChester program launched with a conference held under the DeShong Park Clock. Leaders of the campaign walked down Avenue of the States, handing out bags, and informing the public about environmental issues as well as the importance of community health.

The bags are to encourage residents to eliminate single-use plastic bags, and are part of an overarching effort to start a conversation and movement about health and wellness in Chester. Community leaders want to see Chester as a leader in this movement in PA. Bags were created with the support of local businesses, artists and community partners.

Devon Wall, Steven Fisher, Dr. Pauline Thompson, Butch Slaughter, Growing Seeds and others spoke about the importance of community and environmental health.

We got it in the bag, Chester!

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