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A Colonial homemaker, serving as cook or kitchen manager, was responsible for providing the family with three or four proper and nutritious meals a day. Without canning or refrigeration, preserving the summer’s bounty through the winter was an arduous task. This display features a few of the key kitchen tools, such as, sifters; strainers; pewter liquid measures; and hoops (cake molds). 


Take notice of Sarah Ann Clayton’s wallet-sized cook book with recipes for baking cupcakes, doughnuts, plum puddings, as well as, fried bologna sausages, calves’ feet, and stewed pigeons.


Displayed is a range of typical items found in Delaware County pharmacies over the past century. Ranging from real prescriptions, to medicinal remedies promising to cure everything from a “Simple Headache” to “Asthmatic Paroxysm”, to pharmaceutical measurement tools, including a wooden bath thermometer, vials, bottles and containers, and a black metal cabinet with six drawers used to organize and store patient prescriptions.


Many of these relics were used in local Chester pharmacies, including Burman's Pharmacy which served the community for over 50 years. We thank the Burman Family for their service, generous support, and loan of artifacts.