Our Mission

Delaware County Historical Society collects, protects and preserves the history and culture of Delaware County, making it accessible to all by providing strong educational outreach.


A Letter from Executive Director, Laurie J. Grant:


Delaware County Historical Society wishes to thank all of our sponsors, members, donors, County Council, and everyone who has demonstrated confidence in Delaware County Historical Society through the years.  We have been preserving YOUR history since 1895 and follow the same mission today of protecting and preserving our history, artifacts, and educating students of all ages. 


Our past is what we teach, our future is what we are building with every event, exhibit, lecture, and educational program we offer. We invite you to visit the Museum, Library, and Research Center where you will be fascinated with the collection of historic records, year books, news articles, pictures, artifacts, and Delaware County memorabilia.  People from all over the world conduct research at our library and we are very proud of our Delaware County history.


Delaware County Historical Society provides hands-on curriculum based educational programs at no cost to the participants.  We have educated over 6,000 students per year through our Passport to History® Program, that educates fourth and fifth grade students about Pennsylvania and Delaware County history and encourages our youth to visit the many valuable historical sites throughout the region. Please visit the education section on our web-site for more information.


While visiting our web site we hope you will take this opportunity to become a member or make a donation to the Delaware County Historical Society.  As a 501(C) (3) all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you have any questions or would like further information on how you can support our organization or become involved, please contact us at (610) 359-0832 or dchs.pa@gmail.com.


Historically yours,

Laurie J. Grant