Our Mission:

Delaware County Historical Society collects, protects and preserves the history and culture of Delaware County, making it accessible to all through strong educational outreach.

A Note from our Executive Director - Winter/Spring 2022

Dear Friends,

"Delaware County Historical Society is one of the means whereby such matters should be preserved, and in doing so it will become a medium of great public usefulness."

-William Broomall, 1897 Speech at 1724 Courthouse

(as quoted from Dr. Anna Broomall's scrapbook)


For over 125 years, Delaware County Historical Society (DCHS) has been collecting, protecting, and preserving artifacts and documents reflecting the history and culture of Delaware County.

Today in 2022, DCHS is making “democratizing accessibility” a top priority. We are working hard to provide inclusive storytelling and to make the DCHS Research Library, the Museum Gallery, and the Children’s Education Center, as well as programs and events, fully accessible to all members of the community. All residents of Delaware County should have equal access to our shared history and should find their own stories reflected within our collection's exhibits, programs, and events. It is important to DCHS that we share and include all narratives of history. Please keep an eye out for upcoming programs and events.

As the County’s preeminent historical society, DCHS is often called upon to be vocal advocates for the preservation of historic sites in the County. Last year DCHS worked with both the State and the County to transfer the 1724 Chester Courthouse to local stewardship. Delaware County has agreed to “lease” the 1724 Courthouse from the State for 99 years, with DCHS providing managerial support. This year, DCHS will be actively working to promote, fundraise and develop programming for the Courthouse.

Due to the on-going pandemic, each day is bringing significant challenges and pressures on the operations of nonprofit organizations. Like most, DCHS pivoted to virtual programming and virtual fundraising strategies, however, we are still having difficulty in making our fundraising goals. DCHS is doing its best to rise to the difficulties of today with ingenuity, compassion, resilience, fortitude, and integrity. Delaware County Historical Society is the “keeper” of our shared history, your history. Please show your support by making a donation today.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Laurie J. Grant

Executive Director