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Lincoln Banner Restoration & Preservation Project


2022 UPDATE!

DCHS is thrilled to announce that the restoration of the 1860 Presidential Lincoln Banner is complete! After several months with the expert restorationists, the banner was returned to DCHS and it is more stunning than ever. Thank you to all of you who contributed to preserve and restore this rare historic artifact uniquely tied to Delaware County.
Launched on President’s Day weekend of 2019, our fundraising and awareness campaign sought to raise the funds required to fund a long overdue and urgent restoration of the presidential campaign banner used by Abraham Lincoln in Delaware County during his 1860 and 1864 campaigns. Below are images of the newly restored banner, and its condition prior to restoration.
The goals of the Lincoln banner project are not only to restore the banner for future generations, but to also make it accessible to the public by displaying it at the Historical Society. Please consider supporting the next stage of the preservation and display of the Pennies for Lincoln campaign!
All of us at DCHS greatly appreciate each and every one who supported this important project thus far!

Save important piece of our local and national history!


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This unique 75 x 64 foot, two-sided banner features a rare image of President Abraham Lincoln "clean shaven" without his iconic beard. The banner was used for presidential campaign parades locally, in Media, Delaware County, in both 1860 and then again in 1864.


The banner is not only a national treasure but it holds great local historic significance. The words “Media, Delaware County” are painted on the back of the banner. It originally featured the name Hannibal Hamlin, Lincoln's first Vice President, and was then painted over with the name of his 2nd Vice President, Andrew Johnson for the 1864 election campaign.


Imagine this banner parading in front of the Media Courthouse today. 


Banner prior to restoration
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