Lincoln Banner Restoration Project


Please support Delaware County Historical Society's effort to restore and protect a cherished 1860 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Campaign Banner to its original glory.

This unique 75 x 64 foot, two-sided banner features a rare image of President Abraham Lincoln "clean shaven" without his iconic beard. The banner was used for presidential campaign parades locally, in Media, Delaware County, in both 1860 and then again in 1864.


The banner is not only a national treasure but it holds great local historic significance. The words “Media, Delaware County” are painted on the back of the banner. It originally featured the name Hannibal Hamlin, Lincoln's first Vice President, and was then painted over with the name of his 2nd Vice President, Andrew Johnson for the 1864 election campaign.


Imagine this banner parading in front of the Media Courthouse today. 


The banner is disintegrating at a rapid pace, as it is 160 years old.  It is very compromised and needs restoring immediately. 

We need your help to to protect it for future generations. If every resident of Delaware County donates, we could fund this effort together.


The goal of the Pennies4Lincoln campaign is to restore and preserve the banner so it can be put on display and be accessible to the community. The banner will be preserved in a clear plexi-glass, air-pressured case so visitors can view both sides. 


Save important piece of our local and national history!