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DCHS Board fills its need for "political representation" in creating purposeful composition

CHESTER – Proud of the composition of its board, Delaware County Historical Society

enthusiastically announces the appointments of State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara, D-165, of

Springfield and Delaware County Council member Kevin Madden, as new directors on

its board.

An Interboro High School alum, O’Mara has served the 165th legislative district since

2019 and is Vice Chair of the Southeast Delegation. She is committed to having

government serve the people, improving public education, protecting communities from

gun violence, making health care accessible and expanding job opportunities.

“As both a resident of Delaware County and a certified social studies teacher in the

Commonwealth, I have a deep appreciation for our history and the importance it plays in

the grand scheme of American history,” O’Mara said. “For example, I represent a small

town named after one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence! I

decided to join the board of Delaware County Historical Society so I can put my skills

and knowledge to use in different ways. I want to help raise awareness about Delaware

County Historical Society across the county, educate the public about the rich history

that we have here in Delco, and work with the Board to help preserve the history that we

are creating each and every day for future generations."

Madden who was sworn into office in 2018, was born and raised in Delaware County.

He has an extensive business background; as the co-founder and managing partner of

Saothair Capital Partners, an investing partner in StartUp Health Network and as vice

president of KPS Capital Partners.

“Delaware County is fortunate to have a uniquely rich history, and it is of great

importance that we preserve and celebrate our past for the treasure that it is,”

Madden said. “Delaware County Historical Society is vital in doing so, and I hope

to help it in its mission however I can.”

“DCHS is working on a purposeful composition of its board,” DCHS Executive Director,

Laurie J. Grant said. “As an organization that has history at the core of its mission,

along with community engagement through educational programs, we of course, need

historians and educators on the DCHS board. We have those buckets filled with

Thomas Grubb, Chairperson, Merle Horowitz, Vice Chairperson and Sandra Tutton, all

having very impressive academic backgrounds in history. We have our financial

management bucket full with John Curtin and Al Melfi, Jr. both from the banking arena.

DCHS also touts Stefan Roots, longtime Chester resident, who has his pulse on our

community and is a prolific blogger, and Erica Burman, who

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